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Sonic - Espio the Chameleon! (Boom Style?) by DreamerAwaken
Sonic - Espio the Chameleon! (Boom Style?)
Lately I have found myself pretty attracted to some Sonic's designs ouo I have never been a fan of the games (Or Sonic... I never liked
his attitude.)

Here's my first shot at Espio I guess! I went with the Boom design because... bandages. Man, it felt WEIRD to do a five-fingered hand D8


Espio by: :iconsegaplz:
Draw/Boom Design by: ME!
Animated - Spook!
Can't believe it took me that long :'D

Made in Photoshop and Easy GIF Animator. (Over 50 pics.)

Animation by: ME!
Spook the Bat by: ME and :iconsparks-sparta:
Klonoa - Vida's Final Design! by DreamerAwaken
Klonoa - Vida's Final Design!

It's going to be 8 years since I created Vida (September 21st, First day of Spring in my country), and she deserved to have her image updated fully! ouo

Name: Vida
Title: Child of the Blossoms.
Gender: Female.
Species: Cabbit.
Attributes: Nature, able to manipulate flowers, and also has a great knowledge on medicine.
Universe: Klonoa Heroes/Iron Tail's Tales.
Dream: Find the cure to every lethal sickness in her world.
Quote: "Hey, if the medicine is bitter, it means it'll work- now stop squirming!"

General Information:
Vida is calm and (VERY)honest, but also a bit overprotective and if needed to, demanding. Since little she was taught by her father that nature is much more than any other living creature, and she decided to learn everything from the forests near her town. Thanks to this, she knows every kind of plant that can be harmful or useful for healing wounds, and later on she began to discover her power of controlling plants. It's commonly believed that the flower medal on her choker is the reason she was manipulate plant life, but actually, it's the Flower on her head that lets her do so.

Since little she knew Klonoa and she liked to hang out with him and Lolo, but Vida had to leave Breezegale after her father passed away and was never heard from in years. In Klonoa Heroes (Universe Vida is part of), after hearing rumors of creatures roaming around a hidden town in the forests, Klonoa, Guntz, and Pango go to check for themselves- but instead of finding monsters, they found Vida! 

At first the two Cabbits were thrilled to see each other, but after seeing his Hero Medal, Vida explains Klonoa that she never trusted anyone with it because most people wielding it, were posers. Klonoa insisted he wasn't a fake to his friend, and decided to look after the monsters terrorizing town. As they fight their way, Vida later joins in, telling Klonoa that medal or not, she still remembers him as a friend and is willing to see what's he's truly capable of doing. After swiping off the creatures everyone was afraid of, Vida apologizes to Klonoa, and he tells her that she should travel with them to 'make up for the lost time'. The girl agrees, and so began her adventures!

- Vida means 'Life'.
- Her powers allows her to grow seeds stored in her belt-bag to attack her enemies, she can also swirl a petal tornado around her to allow her team escape from a difficult situation.
- Her attacks are long-rated since she herself isn't fond of one-to-one battles.
- Despite her lack of physical strength, Vida is a great climber.
- Artist's Mark. All of my character have a heart included in their designs, and Vida's is right here.


Vida/Draw by: ME!
Klonoa by: Namco
Iron Tail (Mentioned) by: :iconfazzeagle:  (Duuuude I gotta update her design on your verse too! D8)
After a while, I have finally done my PayPal account! From now on this will be my permanent setting for my commissions- I have been meaning to do one of these so I can help other artists with financial problems, which most of are my friends.

Here's the price list for the works I'm currently doing:

-Sketch: Lowest price is $4

Half Body: Example #1
Full Body: Example #2
Full Body + Simple Background: Example #3

-Lineart: Only price is $7

Plain lineart: Example #4

-Color: Lowest price is $9 

Flat Color: Example #5
Flat Color + Simple Background: Example #6
Lights/Shadows: Example #7
Light/Shadows + Simple Background: Example #8

The highest price is, approximately: $15

I'll start by taking ten commissions to start! Please contact me via Notes if you're interested or have questions, thank you!
  • Listening to: Galantis - No Money
  • Reading: This.
  • Watching: The PC
  • Playing: With ButtonEye and Alma
  • Eating: Stuff
  • Drinking: MORE STUFF


DreamerAwaken's Profile Picture
Victoria Araos
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Heya! Name's Victoria, I'm a young artist and I love making stories! There are many things I want to learn, such as 2D and 3D animation- my goal is to work drawing all day long because there's nothing better than that in my opinion! (That and food, lol)

One little creation I deeply love is ButtonEye, there's going to be an story about him soon enough (Once Disney releases the movie Inside Out... will explain that later, hopefully), so please, if you are interested, look up so him! :)

Everyone can see dreams while sleeping, but I see dreams while I'm awake!

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